My Collected Library of Historical TV Shows

Besides designing I'm a bit of a history nerd too. I don't get to watch much TV of my own when I have a 2-year-old. However when I get a chance to DVR them and binge, my go to shows are always based on historical event. Especially during the medieval ages, my ancestral heritage is English and I am the 21st Granddaughter of King Edward III, so I tend to gravitate towards stories that were so close to my own ancestral lineage. I've watched all 19 of these shows, I only listed the one's I've watched so I'm not speaking out of context. They're also listed in order from the earliest date. I haven't yet listed any shows that took place in the 1900's but I will soon. I hope you enjoy and I dare you to binge all of them in order some day!

  1. Tut: 1332 - 1323B.C.
  2. Vikings: Around 790 - 820 A.D.
  3. The Last Kingdom: Around 870 - 900 A.D.
  4. The Pillars of the Earth: 1123 - 1174 A.D.
  5. The White Queen: 1462 - 1485 A.D.
  6. The White Princess: 1485 - 1503 A.D.
  7. The Borgias: 1492 -1503 A.D.
  8. The Tudors: 1509 - 1547 A.D.
  9. Reign: 1557 - Around 1570 A.D.
  10. Versailles: 1667 - 1715 A.D.
  11. Outlanders: 1743 - 1744 A.D.
  12. Turn: 1776 - Around 1783 A.D.
  13. Roots: 1750 - 1895 A.D.
  14. Genius: 1894 - 1955 A.D.

As you know most of the shows on this list are dramatize but they do depict accurate names, statuses and time periods. I will keep updating it as I discover new shows and new shows come on. Also I know there are some fantastic historical shows in Russia, Italy and the UK that you need an international subscription to watch or to be in that country, but unfortunately I have no way of watching them. I kind of wish I could add Game of Thrones to this list, I mean the Lancaster were actual people in the 11th and 12th century of England. I also know the Outlanders is a bit out there, but the setting, important figures and the Jacobite Rising was completely real.