Book Review: Milk And Honey by Rupi Kaur

Title: Milk And Honey

Author: Rupi Kaur

Type: Poetry

Publisher: Andrews McMeel Publishing

Pages: 208

Price Average: $9.00 (Paperback) $5.00 (E-Book)

Reading time: 2-3 Hours

Reading rating (Easy, Medium, Hard): Easy

Overall rating (1 out of 5): ★★★★★


Where to buy (Paperback):


Research on Rupi Kaur:

Rupi Kaur is a #1 New York Times bestselling author and illustrator from Toronto, Canada. Rupi is also an acclaimed poet beginning with her first book Milk And Honey. Written in November 2014 and translated in over thirty languages. Rupi’s credentials and form of art are so unique her presence will live on decades from now. One day I will hand her books down to my own daughter. Rupi was intriguing to research I couldn’t help but to dive deeper into her illustrations and words. If it’s possible for someone’s soul-being to radiate from an online search, Rupi may be the first. As a fellow illustrator and word enthusiast myself, I enjoy her loose style of words and doodles. I don’t say words and doodles lightly. From an artist’s perspective they’re genius and original to Rupi. I felt, Milk and Honey was Rupi’s dairy to the world. Her release of trauma and advice into healing. Sometimes the simplest form of art can capture your entire soul. (Thinking of many centuries of examples in my head right now)


“The way they
tells you
answers” - Rupi Kaur


Milk And Honey:

The themes of Milk And Honey express as love, loss, trauma, hurt, femininity and healing. What this book will do is make you relive your traumatic history. It will then bring up all the issues about your body and well-being as a women in this world. And then it will heal your inner soul. The introduction into Milk and Honey begin with Rupi’s rawest moments. Her disappointment, heartbreaks, abuse (sexual, mental and physical). Rupi manages to touch on every example of hurt women have endured. Myself and two of my girl friends read this book, we all related to a lot of Rupi’s words in the beginning. I was a bit taken a back into the introduction of the book. It brought up many raw feelings of my own. Things I had tucked away for a very long time. Believing I would someday get hit in the head, have partial amnesia and make it go away. Yet, the point is, it never does, it’s not meant to. That brings me to my favorite parts of the ending.

As I sat there still flushed with red and hurt from these old feelings I began to feel a sense of relief. Somehow, Rupi managed to make me feel better about my past. At the same time empowering me as a women. Brilliant! I understood at that moment how she had touched millions of women’s lives with this book. Many saying “THIS BOOK CHANGED MY LIFE!” How is that even possible? I criticized while clicking the “confirm order” on Oh it is possible. 

I urge you to atleast try this book. I know millions of young women will enjoy this book. If they’re willing to soak in the words as if they were a gift from the Universe - explaining our existence as women. 

As the book ends it gives hope to us all as a female race. We go through all these terrible things for a reason. To experience the true appreciation of love, healing and being a women. 

Rupi is a wonderful poetry writer. Her books will touch many generations of females after me. Milk and Honey is a book you tuck away in a safe place and bring it out from time to time during our entire existence.

Thank you Rupi.